The way we work

Our company headquarters is located in a modern and spacious office in Chemitz. It contains a gym, parking lot and shower, along with a kitchen, in which our chef Markus creates scrumptious warm meals every day.

Complimentary warm and cold beverages are available in the coffee kitchen any time.

When entering the lobby, large monitors greet visitors or inform staff members about the daily menu and the latest news of the company. All employees should regard themselves as part of the whole by having input in content displayed on the screen, the menu or the sports activities, as for example the course in back training. Here you can have an aerial view of our head office.

Some of the 65 employees of gvf and gruuna work and some in their home offices all over country. For instance, we have a distribution employee in Lübeck and a customer representative in the area of Erfurt.

Another office is in Luckau in the district of Dahme-Spreewald with two colleagues providing indoor service.

You have become curious? Apply and find out about the place and way we work.