About us

What does gvf do and what is gruuna?

The corporation gvf VersicherungsMakler AG is specialized in providing insurance for agricultural enterprises and has become one of the leading companies in this sector. Being an independent broker, our focus is centered on our customers, whose interest and benefits we are completely obligated to in our operations and expertise.

Our offers are tailor-made to the need of our clients. For example, we can provide concepts, specifically designed with our insurerers, for insuring wind turbines and biogas plants.

Our target and personal credo clearly states that we will remain innovative and continuously develop products which change and innovate the agricultural environment. This resulted in the concept of establishing gruuna as an affiliate of gvf VersicherungsMakler AG.

What is gruuna?

gruuna is a trade platform for agriculture. It is a meeting place for farmers, producers, dealers and trade representatives, enabling the participants to offer their goods on our market place and to tender their demand. Demand and supply are joined and all users can trade directly with each other. Customers can also set up their own shops and furnish these with individual logos along with descriptions of their company.

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